The Shnee-Shnarrians believe in one almighty god and many minor gods. The almighty god is Shnee-Shnarr. He rules everything, created everything, and is the King of the Gods. Below him are two very major gods:
  • Shnee, the Goddess of Darkness
  • Shnarr, the God of Light

There are 4 major gods of realms below them.

  • Shnlag, the Goddess of the Sea
  • Shnud, the God of the Sky
  • Shnay, the God of the Underworld
  • Shnie (sh-ni), the Goddess of the Earth.

Under them are the eight gods of human needs. Under each of them are two more.

  • Shnu, the Goddess of Knowledge

Shno, the God of Inventing

Shnug, the Goddess of Books

  • Shneck, the God of Food

Shnaer, the Goddess of Fruit

Shnoi, the Evil God of Vegetables

  • Shnop, the Goddess of Entertainment

Shnag, the Goddess of Dancing and Singing

Shnerr, the God of Games and Sports

  • Shnog, the God of Love

Shnea, the Goddess of People Love

Shnite, the God of Love of Objects and Obsessions or Hobbies

  • Shninqua, the Goddess of Nature

Shninguo, the God of Plants

Shniho, the Goddess of Animals

  • Shnegen, the God of Health

Shnedock, the Goddess of Healing

Shnigene, the God of Hygiene

  • Shnace, the Goddess of Space

Shnun, the Goddess of the Sun

Shnoon, the God of the Moon

  • Shnoral, the God of Morals

Shenlief, the Goddess of Hope, Faith, and Believing

Shnood (oo as in look), the God of Rightousness and Good Action