Part of the ball.


The main part of the ball.

This stands for the Shnee-Shnarria Football League. It is a very exciting league to watch. The football is a small watermelon with laces made of cherry stems. There are sixteen teams:
  • Shnee-Shnarr City Spearers
  • Eli City Emperors
  • Shnarr City Sharks
  • Shnee City Swordfish
  • Loop City Lions
  • Frontier City Falcons
  • Oasis City Orioles
  • Hook City Hawks
  • New Shnee City Nationals
  • New Shnarr City Night Owls
  • Cape City Cougars
  • Plain City Pirates
  • Sprinkler City Savages
  • Watermelon City Warriors
  • Peninsula City Pirhanas
  • Midget City Marlins

Currently the champions are the Sprinkler City Savages.