YUCK!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!! They eat this crap?

Shnee-Shnarrians are usually very peaceful people, but this is the only place they ever go to war with. This place only eats vegetables (yuck... I almost feel sorry for them) and hates fruits. THAT IS JUST PLAIN WRONG. We hate them with all our hearts and want to annihalate them. They are across the sea to the east of us. We capture slaves from them. Their people are a specific vegetable theme for colors. Like, for example if their was a corn themed person, they would be all yellow. Or if they were bean themed they would be all green. Some are multicolored, like a carrot one is all orange with green hair. Overall, they are very, very weird. They sometimes capture us for slaves as we do to them, but we capture them more. It is very sad to find out one of your close friends or family members has been taken by a Veggian. So, so, so sad!